Friday, June 24, 2011

Patient Spotlight

Allen Family Dentistry would like to spotlight our patient, Kathryn Poe. Kathryn, a South Carolina native moved to Charleston in 2004 after marrying Charleston native, Kelley Poe (also a wonderful patient of ours). She opened Mary Mojo Boutique in November 2006 ~ the boutique carries women's clothing, jewelry, bags and accessories from local, national and international vendors. She receives new shipments every week, so there is always something new to buy! With sizes ranging from XS-XL, 2-14, Mary Mojo Boutique boasts everything from jeans to cocktail dresses and special orders are never a problem. The boutique is located where Rifle Range ends at Coleman Blvd next to the CVS. Stop by her beautiful store soon!
Facebook ~ Mary Mojo Boutique

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New guidelines regarding antibiotics to prevent infective endocarditis

The American Heart Association recently updated its guidelines regarding which patients should take a precautionary antibiotic to prevent infective endocarditis (IE) before a trip to the dentist.

Only the people at greatest risk of bad outcomes from infective endocarditis — an infection of the heart's inner lining or the heart valves — should receive short-term preventive antibiotics before common, routine dental and medical procedures.

The patients who still need preventive antibiotics prior to dental treatment are those with:

  • artificial heart valves
  • a history of having had IE
  • certain congenital (present from birth) heart conditions
  • a cardiac transplant which develops a problem in a heart valve.
Here is a link to the American Heart Association website:

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Patient Spotlight

Allen Family Dentistry would like to spotlight our patient, Mr. Elijah Ford. Mr. Ford has been making sweetgrass baskets for over 65 years! His mother, Florence Ford, taught him how to make them when he was a child. Mr. Ford was born in Mt. Pleasant and has retired from working as a foreman for the LongShorman Association. He now makes his beautiful baskets full time. His Sweetgrass Basket stand is just across HWY 17 from our office. Stop by and see his work soon!